Who we are

Our core competence extends in the product development of goal-oriented aesthetics for minimalist products in the area of ​​consumer electronics with the focus on optimizing the handling and the core function, while taking into account the strategic and physical implementation.

Our goal is to create the best possible product on the basis of a trusting, loyal partnership in order to meet the highest demands. Apart from the experience in the design and implementation of international product series, a passionate, tireless work ethic is necessary, which is characterized by the fact that a clearly defined basic vision is at the center of all efforts. This core vision and the context of the product are the basis all logical decisions. Through the consistent update of the latest programs, methods, and manufacturing processes, we are able to lead product development efficiently and purposefully at every stage of the project to carry the core ideas of the design through the implementation phase.

The basic understanding of a trustful collaboration is that the design is in the ideal position to moderate the complete product development process. Thus, the design process begins with the strategic orientation of the brand, from which the necessary products and their specification are derived. The design variants, which result from this design understanding, will bear all the distinctive features and distinguish themselves from the competition.
We are known for thoughtful, elegant, long-lasting, minimalist products with a high aesthetic appeal, even with tight technical conditions.
The goal is always to enable outstanding products that are designed to be widely accessible, can be used for a long time, combine a high level of functionality with elegance and easy handling, are appreciated internationally, carry the values of the brand and generate unconscious interest in itself and the brand caused by appearance.

Advanced Product Designer